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Why You Need to Hire a Professional to Drill a Water Borehole

The process of water borehole drilling carries with it a high risk for error. If you are considering taking on this project yourself, understand that its inherent complexities make it a job that’s better left to professionals. Water borehole drilling demands specialized machinery, which would be challenging for a typical DIYer to operate safely and efficiency without any training or experience.

You may run into issues such as not getting the required amount of water or its complete absence. If your primary goal is to save money, it’s important to realize that even a small mistake could set back your project substantially and end up requiring an expensive follow-up repair. You will also be responsible for obtaining permits and researching local water laws on your own, whereas a professional could easily take care of each and every step of the process for you.

For a superior end result, which will likely cost you less time, effort, and money, let an expert company handle your water well drilling.  Call our well drillers today to get started!

Our Water Borehole Drilling Services Include: Search for Groundwater, Drilling, Pumping, Solar Water pumping systems, Tank, Installation.

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Solar Water pumping systems

PAKAST build solar pumping solutions for customers that need to move water efficiently in remote areas including farm applications through to mining and commercial irrigation projects. Large or small, pumping system design starts with analysis.

Reduce operating costs Lifelong economic benefits can be achieved through reduced operational costs while also meeting sustainability targets. We believe our relationship with you starts at commissioning with ongoing support, reporting and analysis to ensure your investment is performing on track according to our promise.

Whether you are simply trying to reduce your operational costs or looking for a turnkey business’s solution, we will build your pumping solution.

Solar Pumping

Our Solutions


Our pumping solutions cover a broad range of applications; replacing an old windmill, transferring water from tank to tank, pumping out of a creek or dam, equipping a new bore or pumping 24 hours for a large irrigation project with no power available, designing and installing a stock watering system or testing an existing bore.