I will tell you how to enhance the yield of the borehole with minimal costs.

During operation, the productivity of the borehole water intake decreases. The main reason for the decrease in flow rate is clogging of the bottom. To rise productivity to the initial value, clean the screens and borehole. But cleaning the borehole will not help if the flow rate was initially low the reasons for this may be different. Now, I would like to tell you about the easiest way to install a sealed head on the borehole.


Atmospheric pressure at sea level at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius is considered to be seven hundred and sixty millimeters of mercury. Knowing the density of water and the density of mercury, you can find out that seven hundred and sixty millimeters of mercury are equal to ten meters thirty-three centimeters of water column knowing this, let’s think about how you can increase the borehole yield.


Everything is very simple we fill the borehole to the top with water and quickly put a sealed borehole head, this action we sort of remove atmospheric pressure from the borehole.


If the static level was equal to fifteen meters, then we removed the atmospheric pressure, which is equal to ten meters of water column, then the static level rises to five meters, and the dynamic level also rises by ten meters.


It turns out that after sealing the borehole, the water column from the static level to the top of the filter, for example, will not be forty but fifty meters, then the yield of the borehole will Increase by twenty-five percent. It turns out that the smaller the distance from the static level to the top of the filter, the greater the performance gain we get

t should be mentioned that one of the disadvantages of this method, on newly drilled boreholes with a casing on a threaded connection is that this technique most likely will not work. This is because the threaded connections will not provide one hundred percent tightness during the first two months and the load on the screen will also rise. However, if the choice is between increasing the production rate of an existing borehole or drilling a new one, this will be the best option.


As for the sealed head, it consists of two plates between which there is a rubber spacer made of thermoplastic elastomer. It is installed for less than a minute and a conventional spanner wrench is enough for mounting. When tightening four bolts which  located around the perimeter of the plates, the rubber squeezes due to which the spacer in the cross section  increases in size and fills the voids between the casing, UPVC pipe, and electrical cable.