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Pakast Technical Services known as «PAKAST» is a privately owned Uganda Company which services the Geophysical and Hydrogeological surveys, Water well (Borehole)l drilling, Mineral Exploration and Geotechnical with services, that meet the international standards, using advanced technology.

The company offers borehole drilling services to: Companies Mineral Exploration and Mining, NGOs, Individuals homes, Schools, Hospitals across Uganda. We have the knowledge and experience to design and drill the perfect well.

Water borehole drilling services: Groundwater, Drilling, Pumping, Solar Water pumping systems, Tank, Installation.

Mineral Exploration: Core hammer, Diamond drilling, Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling, Casing while drilling, Auger while drilling, Drilling of seismic exploration wells, Auger drilling, Drilling with drilling mud, DTH hammer rotary drilling.

Hydrogeology: Search for Groundwater.Deposit survey: Unmanned aerial systems – magnetic survey, 3D modeling of the open pits, measurement of scopes and monitoring of the earth woks. Detection of linear structures, assessment of horizontal and vertical displacements, profiles creation and changes discovery, Geodesy, Gyroscope – tool for well inclinometry and orientation

Mission statement and Company Objectives


Is Business Conducted to Save Lives? Is water extraction in Africa a business or a mission? Limited water resources, scorching sun, thirsty children … Drilling water wells in this region requires skills, knowledge, professional expertise and reliable technologies. The Company bases its operaons on the principles of honesty, candor and trust.


To develop the drilling industry as a whole, improving the quality of services in this area. The company listens to the needs of its customers and helps to implement the plans. Properly drilled water wells allows you to organize an effecve water supply system.

Water borehole drilling services

Whether you’re building a new home and want to have a private water well, you are unable to get a municipal water supply to your property or for any other reason, we will be happy to assist with the water well drilling your site requires. Pakast Technical Services is fully certified for well drilling by the Water Resources Regulations, 1998, the Republic of Uganda, and will be happy to assist with wells ranging from 4”-12” in diameter.

If you are interested in learning more about our water borehole drilling, we ask that you give our professional team a call whenever you are able. It will be a pleasure to create a trustworthy water well that will supply you with the safe, drinkable water you desire. We look forward to speaking with you in more detail soon! Based out of Kampala, Uganda, we’re proud to assist NGOs, Individuals homes, Schools, Hospitals throughout country.

Solar Water pumping systems

Pakast Technical Services Company recommends switching to “Green” energy and installing solar pumping systems: A solar-powered water pumping system is like any other pumping system, except its power source is solar energy. Solar pumping technology covers the entire energy conversion process, from sunlight, to electrical energy, to mechanical energy, to stored energy.

Over last seven years, the technology and price of solar pumping have evolved dramatically – and hence the opportunities it presents. Prices of photovoltaic (PV) panels have dropped exponentially. High de-mand for PV modules for grid- tied ap-plications has resulted in massive economies of scale in production as well as competition among vendors. The commodity price of silicon, the key material, has also dropped substantially. Extracting water and sustaining life, even in the remotest part of the world, is now possible thanks to solar pumps. These use green energy, have a small carbon footprint and lower energy consumption, so making water scarce regions a thing of the past.

Where experience counts

Mineral Exploration – Core Hammer: Pakast Technical Services also offers specialist engineering services to deliver innovative solutions to the most technical drilling challenges in some of the most complex operating environments in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya. We offer a complete suite of specialized drilling services to meet the needs of our clients, to optimise the outcomes of their drilling programs, and to support them in complex drilling projects that occur throughout the resource’s lifecycle.

Company Pakast Technical Services uses a set of technical means for core drilling air hammer, which allows drilling exploration wells on mineral deposits. At present, impact-rotational drilling of the pneumatic hammer is be-coming increasingly widespread during geological exploration work on hard and strong rocks.

If you are just starting your exploration project in Africa, we will reduce your costs for exploration wells using the core hammer method.

Mineral Exploration – Diamond drilling

Mineral Exploration – Diamond drilling Diamond Core drilling involves using a hollow drill bit that has been impregnated with an industrial-grade diamond crown to cut a cylindrical core through solid rock. As the drill bit penetrates rock, a core is extracted in a solid cylinder and is winched to the surface through the centre of the drill rod in complete sections. This produces a rock sample that can be analyzed for mineral content and also shows the structure of the cored interval.

We have the tools and capability to ensure your contract is completed on time and budget. Our trusted network of external resources can also be called upon to assist with specialized requirements when necessary.

Mineral Exploration – Reverse Circulation

To accomplish drilling project objectives within budget, Reverse Circulation drilling offers a more cost effective drilling method for assaying chip samples and getting preliminary geological data prior to investing in detailed geological data from an exploration coring program. Reverse Circulation drilling is primarily used for exploration and grade control and can penetrate hard rock to depths of around 500 metres. Reverse circulation is also faster than coring which means more holes drilled.

PAKAST offers Reverse Circulation capabilities through our multi-purpose specialist rigs..

Deposit survey: Unmanned aerial magnetic survey

Search for valuable mineral resources is always a complex task, which can be performed more easily using geophysical methods, specifically magnetic survey. Magnetic survey is usually the first step of any research on a newly discovered site.

Aeromagnetic survey can be applied for: Locating ferrous and non-ferrous metal ore; Exploration of primary and alluvial diamond deposites; Search of rare and precious metals (Cu, Au etc.); Geological mapping of platform and rough terrain; Locating man-made metal objects; Archeological research.

PAKAST offers low-altitude magnetic survey using UAV. We establish magnetic data processing and create .gbd database along with magnetic field anomalies map.

Combines UAV flexibility with sensitivity of quantum magnetometer equipped with rubidium sensor. Capable of proximity flight while performing precise aeromagnetic survey.

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